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      The Difference between Yellow Blood Salt Potassium and Yellow Blood Salt Sodium

      FROM:Jincheng Hongsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.    TIME:2019-10-09    HITS:1150

      The shape of yellow blood salt potassium and yellow blood salt sodium is not very different, they are light yellow powder.

      The solubility of yellow blood salt potassium is slightly higher. It is easy to hydrolyze under neutral and weak alkaline conditions. Visible light decomposition is mainly used as carburizing agent in iron and steel industry to improve the surface hardness of iron and steel parts. Printing and dyeing industry is used as an oxidizing agent to make the dyeing of cotton cloth with sperm proceed step by step and maintain the dyeing quality. As a coagulant, the pharmaceutical industry can achieve an ideal impurity removal process and improve the quality of drugs.

      Yellow blood salt sodium is mainly used as an important raw material in medicine, pigments, tanning, smelting and chemical industry. It is used as raw material for making iron blue and red blood salt, for tanning, anti-corrosion treatment of l surface, carburizing treatment of carbon steel, iron removal in pharmaceuticals, as oxidant, food additive, explosive and chemical reagent. Used for snow melting in winter to prevent caking additives. The mother liquor of sodium xanthate contains such substances as sodium xanthate, sodium carbonate and sodium formate, which are complex in composition and difficult to treat. Sodium formate can be used in drilling industry, but the active ingredient of sodium formate in mother liquor of yellow blood salt sodium is low, so it is difficult to use directly. Using decompression concentration and direct boiling to treat mother liquor of sodium yellow blood salt can improve the content of sodium formate in wastewater and meet the requirements of drilling industry.




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