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      Fighting the epidemic, we are always on the move

      FROM:Jincheng Hongsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.    TIME:2020-02-11    HITS:1087

      2020 is doomed to be extraordinary, and the 2020 Spring Festival is an unforgettable Spring Festival. A new type of coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is threatening and continues to spread, which seriously affects people's lives and health.

      1.High intensity

      In order to implement the first-level response requirements for major public health emergencies in provinces, cities, and counties, effectively prevent the spread of the new coronavirus epidemic, and protect the lives and health of the people, company leaders attach great importance to them, conscientiously deploy and make solid arrangements, and carry out comprehensive joint defense Control, effective and orderly and effectively do a good job of prevention and control of various epidemics.

      2.High-intensity publicity

      Through hanging banners, posting notices, setting prohibited signs, patrol cars, and using publicity speakers, WeChat circle of friends, owners groups, corporate WeChat groups to publicize and popularize pneumonia prevention and control information, knowledge and methods of new coronavirus infection, strengthen company employees, Community owners' self-protection awareness.

      3.High intensity execution

      In addition to intensifying publicity efforts, Hongbi Biotech also set martial arts signs at gates and entrances to strengthen the registration and inspection of foreign vehicles and personnel. Unless there are special circumstances, foreign vehicles and personnel are strictly prohibited from entering the community.

      In public facilities, cleaning, cleaning and disinfection of elevators, access control, trash cans, fitness facilities and other key parts are carried out multiple times; the ventilation system of the underground parking lot in the community is checked irregularly to ensure air circulation.

      In accordance with the prevention and control requirements of “early detection, early reporting, early isolation, early diagnosis, and early treatment”, we worked closely with the Chengdong community and police station to carry out carpet-d household inspections in the community.

      Strictly implement the internal employee management system. For employees on the job, they should pay attention to their physical conditions every day and perform infrared temperature detection. If there are abnormalities, take timely measures to treat and isolate them to ensure the safety of the community.

      The chemical industry was completely shut down, the leaders on duty strictly implemented the duty system, arranged the company guards to do a good job of security, strengthened personnel management, and prohibited outsiders from entering the company.The company will, according to relevant regulations and in combination with the epidemic situation, extend the Spring Festival holiday time and reasonably arrange the time for resumption of work and production.

      The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility! We firmly believe that as long as everyone is united, we will be able to win this smoke-free war!




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