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      Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce to Hongsheng Chemical Research

      FROM:Jincheng Hongsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.    TIME:2020-05-27    HITS:1057

      On May 25, 2020, Liang Rong, vice chairman of the Shanxi Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, visited Jincheng Hongsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. and conducted a field investigation on party building leading the development of the enterprise,the company's chairman Li Lihua and the full-time deputy secretary of the Party branch Yang Puling warmly received the leaders.

      In the investigation, Liang Rong and his party first visited the Lingchuan Characteristic Industrial Cluster in Jincheng City under construction,at the construction site, on-site inspections were carried out on road reconstruction, exterior wall decoration of the park exhibition hall, EDTA project construction, etc.,he carefully listened to Chairman Li Lihua's briefing on the agglomeration zone, overall planning, industrial chain construction, future development and recent project construction;subsequently, the leaders and the delegation went into the installation area and central control room of Jincheng Hongsheng Chemical Co. Ltd,have a detailed understanding of the new project overview, process operation, product production, safety and environmental protection, and the party building construction of the enterprise, which guides the innovation and development of the enterprise and leads the transformation and development of the enterprise.Liang Rong, vice chairman of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, fully affirmed the development of Hongsheng Chemical and the achievements of the party building to promote the enterprise, and provided guiding opinions on the party building work and production and operation of the enterprise.

      During the survey, Liang Rong said that the Federation of Industry and Commerce must act as a hub for the non-public economy, sink enterprises, and help enterprises solve practical problems in a down-to-earth manner,Li Lihua, chairman of Hongsheng Chemical, also said that in the future development, he will keep pace with the party,give full play to the vanguard model role of the party member team, as always, d on its own industrial advantages,to further strengthen Hongsheng Chemical, and thus to promote the continuous development of high-quality, high-quality, and high-standard industrial parks in Jinchuan's Lingchuan characteristic industry.




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